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Wayne Hawksworth

Wayne Hawksworth

Design, Artwork, Senior Management, R&D Director

27+ Years experience in all sectors within the Reprographics and FMCG sectors. From Artwork operator, Studio Manager, Senior Manager and R&D Director.

FMCG, Print, Packaging and Reprographics.

Over the past 27 years I’ve worked for various FMCG, Packaging and Reprographics companies in various roles. From Artwork and ArtPro operator through to Senior Management and R&D Director.

Having worked on a significant number of globally recognised brands – across multiple print mediums.


From Design to Software Development

I have worked in the reprographics, design, FMCG and packaging industries for so long now, it is not only my strength, but I am still very passionate about the industry.

As a young boy, my dad was also passionate about the 1st generation home computers,  he believed they were the future, and bought me a BBC Micro. Here was the start of my passion in the digital realm.

I played games, but then got interested in writing basic code and it went from there really, private tutoring sparked the fully self-taught code and development world for me. Further on, when it came to early career choices, I’ve always loved design, so chose the design world.

Moving on……

11 Years ago, I worked for a large global reprographics company, and we needed some specific software – that didn’t actually exist. Confident I could design, code and develop the whole tailor made suite of tools needed, we did just so and it worked beautifully!

Software coding was always second nature for me, as I was taught Assembly language at a very early age – (these modern languages are so easy to grasp). We set up a development studio, where I became the R&D Director to a team of developers. From that point on, I was more enrolled and focused on the software development.

That being said, for the next 12 years I worked directly with the FMCG industries, designing and writing software solutions tailored to the industry.

For the past 3-4 years I have become a little more involved in the development of iOS and Android Apps. Making games and business utilities.

Working alongside brand owners developing new ranges and ensuring designs are fit for print & packaging.

Advanced knowledge of Adobe software and Esko software within the Print / Packaging Sector.

Full understanding of managing projects through the business.

Having developed multiple MIS databases systems and various packaging tools.

Advanced hands-on and practical knowledge using a variety of tools.