Integrated automation Systems

Automation is key within any production system. Having the ability to create large volumes of production files, error free and freeing up human resource from repetitive tasks. From simple file conversions to complex reprographic / separation tasks.

Having spent a lot of years in production, and also managing thousands of designs for clients, it became clear a system was needed to be able to produce the large volumes of files, quickly, error free and consistent.

Whilst there were and still are a handful of ‘automation’ tools available within the industry – most (if not all) are proprietary to the software manufacturer, and typically do not have the flexibility and scope to integrate effortlessly with various MIS, SQL and other systems companies may have.

Whilst being an advanced user of various Workflow / RIP systems (AE, Nexus, Prinergy etc), we needed MORE automation, MORE abilities. To this end I developed two complete automation engines.

Unity : A standalone solution that could integrate with any SQL database and communicate with any JDF / XML compliant workflow system. User would create ‘hooks’ from their own MIS system, and setup automated triggers to communicate with workflow tools. Unity would then manage the communication, requirements etc, and ‘feed’ the workflow system the data and rules etc.

truePAK Processor : Processor was a fully integrated automation and production system, that linked directly to the truePAK MIS system. truePAK could automate virtually any production task – as it had access to every digital file on the RAID along with every specification and detail as to what was required to ‘build’ the job. Processor was extensively configured to automate the Artwork Systems NEXUS system – with unparalleled results.

UNITY – Standalone Server with Front End user interface

Advanced skills using Adobe suite of tools and advanced reprographics software.