GS Project Merger

GS Project Merger

GS Project Merger

Wayne Hawksworth
Apple Mac OS X
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Product Description

GameSalad production tool which enables users to merge two GameSalad projects together into one usable project file.

GS Project Merger enables collaboration of projects with teams now able to work on separate portions of game development, then at a given stage merge the two projects together.



  • -Merge two projects into one.
  • -Merge images, actors, scenes, sounds and attributes.
  • -Intelligent image and sound filtering.
  • -Rename duplicate files.
  • -Automatic adjustment of all IDs in XML Files.
  • -Relink of all images and actors.
  • -Animations re-linked to merged and renamed images.
  • -Work collaboratively in teams on projects.
  • -View Image and Sound Assets.
  • -Open Assets into Preview Application.
  • -Intelligent re-association of all XML files
  • -Complete GameSalad project produced.
  • -Merged attributes, prototypes & instances.
  • -Merge TABLES from projects.

MAC ONLY: Requires an Intel Mac running OS X.6 or greater. Also, you must have the GameSalad Creator software.

NOTE: All projects must be 0.9.4 or higher.

Version 0.34

  • Fixed: Merging projects with corrupt scene previews.
  • (Note) Some scene screenshots contain null or corrupt data generated.
  • This update skips the ‘bad’ png files during the merge process.
  • Note: Project files must have at least one actor in them and at least one image.Version 0.40
  • Updated tool to handle newer versions of GameSalad

Version 0.33 Note: This version will no longer merge PRE 0.9.4 Projects. You must open the target projects up in GameSalad 0.9.4+, then save a copy using the new Game Salad Creator software. GameSalad 0.9.4 introduced many new attributes to asset and resource control to your projects. This version of GS Project Merger will only work after it has identified the correct version and XML construct exisits.

  • New: Compatibility with GameSalad Creator 0.9.4+ (Tested on GS 0.94, 0.95, 0.96)
  • New: Threaded interface whilst merging projects
  • New: Feedback on actions whilst merging.
  • New: Merging music files
  • New: Resolving image names within animations
  • New: Adding the XML components for leaderboards
  • New: Warning users of earlier version conflicts
  • New: Removed [Shader] details, deprecated info from early GS Versions
  • New: Auto-update function (requires internet connection).
  • New: Handling for ‘dirty’ XML data
  • New: Singularity instances with single XML node data identified and correctly merged.
  • New: Interface enhancements
  • New: ToolBar to navigate interface
  • Fixed: Merging images
  • Fixed: Merging sounds
  • Fixed: Merging attributes
  • Fixed: Adding the SIZE, NAME, ASSET NAME XML nodes correctly
  • Fixed: Projects with no sound resources now merge correctly
  • Fixed: Projects with no music resources now merge correctly.
  • Fixed: File, size, height, width now show again in asset view
  • Advanced options update:
  • New: Music files prefixed correctly
  • New: code now works for ‘single image’ Note: Complex image naming within behaviours still need resolving manually.
  • New: Reserved XML Construct names respected during Prefixing of ASSETS, SOUNDS and SCENES Fixed: Prefixing images now resolves actors, prototypes and instances with new XML Parameters
  • Fixed: Animation files with suffixed names now resolve correctly (Actors and scene instances)
  • Fixed: Renaming sounds now prefixes sound resources through project.
  • Fixed: Prefixing a scene name now iterates all actors and instances to resolve behaviours.


If you use the Advanced – [RENAME IMAGES] option, you may need to go into your project and fix any RULES which change the image dynamically
ie: to “test””.png”. The Merger application will try to resolve these cases, but complex calculations will require manual intervention.


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