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clearView System

clearView developed in 2007 as a standalone – server side, online Approval system with advanced integration and large scale usage at it’s core.

truePAK Client Centre

TP Client Centre developed in 2006 as an integrated online approval module to the truePAK MIS system. Enabling the internal MIS system to effortlessly manage the approval cycle of designs.

Advanced knowledge of online approval systems

Complex and simple designs within a reprographics and FMCG environment require precise approval at key stages within a designs development. Ensuring the brand owners, agencies, artwork teams and printers all approve and sign off designs to ensure a complete end-to-end approval process.

Having worked with various online PDF approval systems within companies I saw a clear area where the online approval systems on the market lacked the specific requirements packaging and design companies required.

clearView – Online Approval and Communication tool

In 2007 I developed a complete point-to-point online approval systems, hosted on cloud servers and accessed via standard web technologies.

Below is a very early brochure of the tool (click to enlarge).

Advanced approval techniques

clearView was a huge online approval system capable of managing millions of transactions with sophisticated PDF handling and built version comparison tools. All the mechanics were developed by myself using JAVA as the main front-end with a robust SQL database system.

Just a few of the features the clearView system implemented.

  • Mac, PC, Linux compatible
  • SSL and secure connections
  • SQL database engine
  • JAVA and Javascript front-end
  • Zero deployment methology
  • Unlimited Approval cycles
  • Bi-Directional Approvals
  • Automated creation of steps
  • Date re-flow for events
  • Built in PDF support (native)
  • Built in Separation Previews
  • Built in Text extraction
  • Built in Text comparisons
  • Complete version control
  • ZERO dependancy on Adobe Acrobat
  • Download, save, upload PDF Files
  • Edit, Annotate directly on PDF’s
  • Zoom, scroll, fit PDF’s in viewer
  • Job creation
  • Any file format approval
  • Advanced thumbnail extraction
  • Email notification systems
  • All data within SQL searchable
  • Advanced and detailed user management
  • Built in PDF comparison
  • Direct reporting on changes between versions

Advanced skills using Adobe suite of tools and advanced reprographics software.