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Wayne Hawksworth

Wayne Hawksworth

Senior Systems Architect, Brand & Reprographics Management.

Senior Systems Architect and Advanced Reprographics Management. Designing & developing iOS and macOS Apps using Swift, Obj-C, Corona LUA and XOJO. Full infrastructure, UI, UX, development, implementation and documentation skills. Coupled with 30+ years advanced Reprographics skills. From design, construction & reprographics to Automation, Online Approval andDirector level management.

FMCG, Print, Packaging and Reprographics.

Over the past 27 years I’ve worked for various FMCG, Packaging and Reprographics companies in various roles. From Artwork and ArtPro operator through to Senior Management and R&D Director.

Having worked on a significant number of globally recognised brands – across multiple print mediums.

From Design to Software Development

I have worked in the reprographics, design, FMCG and packaging industries for so long now, it is not only my strength, but I am still very passionate about the industry.

As a young boy, my dad was also passionate about the 1st generation home computers,  he believed they were the future, and bought me a BBC Micro. Here was the start of my passion in the digital realm.

I played games, but then got interested in writing basic code and it went from there really, private tutoring sparked the fully self-taught code and development world for me. Further on, when it came to early career choices, I’ve always loved design, so chose the design world.

Moving on……

11 Years ago, I worked for a large global reprographics company, and we needed some specific software – that didn’t actually exist. Confident I could design, code and develop the whole tailor made suite of tools needed, we did just so and it worked beautifully!

Software coding was always second nature for me, as I was taught Assembly language at a very early age – (now using Swift, Objective-C and other modern coding languages). We set up a development studio, where I became the R&D Director to a team of developers. From that point on, I was more enrolled and focused on the software development.

That being said, for the next 12 years I worked directly with the FMCG industries, designing and writing software solutions tailored to the industry.

For the past 10+ years I have become more involved in the development of iOS and Android Apps. Making both games and business utilities.

Working alongside brand owners developing new ranges and ensuring designs are fit for print & packaging.

Advanced knowledge of Adobe software and Esko software within the Print / Packaging Sector.

Full understanding of managing projects through the business.

Having developed multiple MIS databases systems and various packaging tools.

Advanced hands-on and practical knowledge using a variety of tools.