FMCG Sections

System Capabilities

  • Online QC Controls
  • PDF uploads
  • Content comparison
  • Visual reporting
  • SQL reporting
  • Crop, move and position files
  • Web based access
  • Version comparison
  • Instant reporting

Online QA and QC for digital documents

Being able to digitally check designs on and offline is critical within a reprographics production environment. Having tools available that are easy to use and can effortlessly aid the user when checking designs.

In 2008 there were very few tools that could check designs online, and show users the differences between 2 versions.

I developed SHINE, a complete online PDF QC tool with advanced file comparison algorithms built in. The tool was able to take 2 versions of a design, analyse the differences and within seconds show the user what had changed between the two versions. In a lot of companies SHINE was the de-facto QC tool thanks to it’s ability to integrate into MIS and reporting tools. Feedback any QC mistakes and error highlighting ratios.

Shine came in two variations: DESKTOP and ONLINE. The online tool was the most significant and popular tool, due to it’s ease of use. Hosted on a server it was accessible securely over the internet and enable clients to review amendments and track errors in realtime.

File differences highlighted

Shine could instantly identify and highlight differences between two PDF files however small or large.

Shine technology

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • PDF Analysis
  • Content comparison
  • Content reporting
  • Server based code

Advanced skills using Adobe suite of tools and advanced reprographics software.