FMCG Sections

System Capabilities

  • Online Web Approvals
  • Design Specifications Assignment
  • Printers Technical Specifications
  • Staff / Department assignments
  • Gantt Chart Production Reviews
  • Analysis of Staff and Departments
  • Workload Management
  • Job / Design Order Entry
  • Planning Control
  • Task Assignment
  • Multiple Design Parts per Job
  • Financing Control
  • Annual Financial Summaries
  • Estimates, Quotes & Invoicing
  • Secure Web Accessibility
  • Brand Library Management
  • XML / JDF Automation
  • Automatic File Storage System
  • Automatic Order Entry
  • Automated Production
  • Automated Origination

Extensive MIS Database systems knowledge

Having worked extensively within the industry, fundamental to running and managing production has always been the MIS (Management Information System) within the company.

With so many processes and detailed areas to manage, it’s critical the MIS systems are able to effortlessly manage all the processes.

To this end, over the years, I’ve developed 3 MIS systems. Two of the systems were developed and sold as complete standalone solutions, managing every aspect within their specific areas. One of the systems could even automate many of the production processes and significantly increase productivity within a company.

truePAK MIS System

truePAK was a fully integrated MIS systems, which integrated with many external systems and was capable of managing staff, production, costings, approvals and invoicing. Key to it’s success, was it’s ability to manage every aspect of a production facility, including the production of the digital assets stored on the server.

Modular and Scalable system

Production Management & MIS

truePAK Wen Access Module

XML Workflow & Automation integration

Printers specifications & Management

Integrated Digital Asset Management

Brand Asset Management

Detailed Production Planning

Estimating, Invoicing & Cost Management

Online PDF Approval & Commenting

truePAK Client Centre
Online, client order entry system.

truePAK Processor
Server software to integrate and manage digital asset management and automation via XML and JDF

Advanced skills using Adobe suite of tools and advanced reprographics software.