Undead Crate Boy

Undead Crate Boy

Undead Crate Boy

Wayne Hawksworth
Corona SDK


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Product Description

Undead Crate Boy

Based on the famous Super Crate Box App. This template gives you the basis to build a fully immersive and compelling game. Shoot the baddies, jump around the screen and collect the crates. It’s fun, manic and really addictive. Multiple enemies, and different actions help make this game more immersive, but add some more levels and watch the sales in the App Store coming flying in…. Crates fall in random places – and have a randomly assigned weapon power-up.


This template includes 2 levels, from which you can easily expand into many more levels.

  • Simple gameplay logic
  • Multiple levels
  • Scores and highScores
  • Multiple enemy types
  • Missiles shake the screen.
  • Multiple weapons
  • AFast paced action
  • Tested on iPhone & Android phones
  • Random crate drops
  • Moderate Corona Lua skills
  • Art & Music included

You may not re-sell or host the assets.


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