Deep Vortex

Deep Vortex

Deep Vortex

Wayne Hawksworth
Corona SDK


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Deep Vortex


Deep Vortex Vortex Spinning Arcade action!
Starts Hard….. Gets Hard……. Ends Hard!

In this template / game you need to see how long you can stay alive.. Sounds simple? Just move the player left and right to go around the vortex as the shapes come flying towards you.. Rotate through the gaps and avoid touching the walls – otherwise it’s GAME OVER… Again, and again, and again!

To spice things up we’ve added a hypnotising background effect that dances and entrances you in time with the music..

Easily add more walls and shapes to create an even more complex and puzzling game!

Download includes 2 x projects – one where the walls come flying towards you from the outside, and another project where the walls come hurtling towards you from the centre.

As is always the case with templates. We do advise users to change the graphics, and to make the game your own.


  • Super addictive gameplay
  • Easy to turn into a full game
  • iOS universal: Tested on iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, iPad Mini, iPad 3 & 4
  • Android compatible too: Tested on Google Nexus, S3, Nexus 7 & 5


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