Mrs. Brown’s Boys Advent Calendar

Developed by Wayne Hawksworth
Released by HWH Inc


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Product Description

App Store Description

The Official Mrs. Brown’s Boys Advent Calendar.

Open each door in the build up to Christmas and Mrs Brown will deliver a very special Christmas greeting each day.

You also have the option of then sending the Christmas greeting to one of your friends and/or saving as your own special Christmas ringtone.

On the 1st day of Christmas my true love sent to me……? Find out now!

(c) All rights reserved to BOC Productions Limited 2014. Licensed by Rocket Licensing Ltd.

Development Details

Developed for iOS – iPhone & iPad.

Developed for for Android – All arm6 – arm7 onwards devices.

For a Christmas 2014 release our client wanted to produce an Advent Calendar style app featuring the voice of Mrs Brown’s Boys (Actor Brendan O’Carroll). This, along with the the other Mrs Brown’s Boys app, is the official app, featuring the actual voices of the actor – as seen on TV.

As the app was to be a ‘simple’ tap the date, hear an amusing christmas related jingle by the actor, we need to inject some ‘movement’ into the app – to make it more engaging.

To this end, we added snow falling particle effects, and when the user selected a date to hear the jingle – we produced an animation effect.

When the user taps a date, a christmas present would come up on the screen, then a drawing of Mrs Brown would spring out – then the jingle / song would begin. Once done, the present wrap up and disappear again.

The processes required a handful of animation states and carefully timed sequences when to start / stop the audio. The finished effect work great.


As the app was free – with an in App purchase option (iap), the client wanted to include iAds on the screen – so we designed the app with this in mind. If an ad was available to show from Apple, it would appear unobtrusive along the top of the screen.

For the IAP, the voices and songs could only be listened to ON THE DAY, but with the full IAP unlocked version the user could listen to any songs – when they wanted. The user could also assign the songs to their deice to use as ringtones.


Coding Environment

Developed using the Corona SDK. Using the LUA programming language. All code developed using a derivative of LUA developed by Corona.
BBEdit used as the IDE to enter the raw LUA code, with debugging feedback from Corona LUA environment via Mac OS X’s Terminal tool.

Artwork Creation

All artwork created using Adobe Illustrator CC. Artwork first sketched out, then drawn in high resolution ‘vector’ paths. Illustrator also used to create all the various Scenes, buttons and other graphical elements used within the App. This allowed for any item to be scaled to the correct size without any pixelation.

Raster Graphics

Artwork refined in Adobe Photoshop CC. All artwork generated at same size (@1x), and at @2x and @4x for higher density screens such as iPhone 5, 6 etc. All images converted to optimised PNG format, with a resolution of 72 dpi at there actual screen display size – to avoid any distortion.

In-App Animation setup

Throughout the App, and in the game the animation sequences were constructed using SPINE Animator. Once an animation sequence of individual sprites had been prepared, all data for the animation sequence was exported out as a JSON file and read into the Corona LUA environment with a realtime convertor.

Game Audio, Music, SFX, Voices

Audio narrative for the soundboards and various other speech related aspects of the app were supplied by the client. Cleaned and optimised to MP3 format for use.
SFX and Music was produced internally and applied to various aspects of the app. In particular the Game has various SFX and audio pieces – along with vocal narrative supplied by the client.


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