Soundboard Template

Soundboard Template

Soundboard Template

Wayne Hawksworth
Corona SDK


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Product Description

Soundboard and SFX Library

A soundboard based Corona SDK Template. Includes over 100 SFX sound effects you can use in your other game developments.

This template will show you how to build a complete soundboard based application with multiple themes, and multiple swipe screens (Horizontal & Vertical)for your users to select a sound.

The code is easily editable, just replace the sounds and graphics. Maybe add a few more themes or add lots of sounds? This template has been built for the iPhone landscape, but we have tested it on Android Nexus phone and everything runs silky smooth.

Another simple thing you can do with this template is convert it into a MENU / LEVEL select system. Each button stores it’s ID/Level into a global variable, so you can load a specific scene or level based on the captured data.

  • Easy to modify (Basic-Mid Corona/Lua skills)
  • Quickly build a soundboard App
  • Re purpose the code to create a level select system
  • Small memory footprint
  • full version includes 100+ SFX sounds for you to use
  • Both version include the full code base

You may not re-sell or host the assets.


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