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Developed by Wayne Hawksworth
Released by Deanavryn Studios


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Product Description

App Store Description

Does your child love doing jigsaw puzzles?
Welcome to Jigsaw Creator by Deanavryn Studios. For iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.

Did you ever want to turn your own favourite pictures in to a jigsaw puzzle? Now you can. Select any picture from your Camera Roll or Photo Library and turn it in to a puzzle.

Use the iPhone’s built in camera to take a photo of anything you like and turn it in to a puzzle.

No more lost jigsaw puzzle pieces! 
Puzzles can be done anywhere anytime. Even in the car.

Jigsaw Creator is now available as a stand alone app. It can still be found in our amazing Build a Scare children’s app.

Key Features 
– Use the iPhone’s built in camera to take a pic to use for your puzzle
– Use your Camera Roll or Photo Library
– Easy or harder difficulty settings
– Auto complete and reset puzzle buttons

Development Details

Developed for iOS – iPhone & iPad.

Developed for for Android – All arm6 – arm7 onwards devices.

Jigsaw Creator was a sub game we developed for our client, that they wanted separating out into it’s own app.

The basics of the gameplay mechanics were:
A. Allow the user to select a PHOTO from their device, and convert it into a jigsaw.
B. Allow the user to take a photo and instantly convert it into jigsaw.

For the photo and camera capture methods we used Corona’s built in API access to the Camera and photo library. Additionally we created a section within the app where the user could pinch, scale and rotate the selected image – before converting it into a jigsaw.

The process to create the jigsaw and pieces:
The whole process is managed by slicing the photo into a grid (there were 3 grid patterns / difficulties) within this app.

1. Select a Picture
2. Slice the picture into elements (i.e. 9 x 9 slices = 81 sub images).
3. Apply a predefined MASK of each of the jigsaw pieces to the sliced images.
4. Each of the now masked images had a corresponding Reference ID which could only be positioned in a single place on the board. Therefore we knew if the user had dragged the piece into the correct location.
5. Each piece had a touch/drag reference, allowing the user to drag the piece into position.
6. Further, we added a ‘snap to grid’ to each of the jigsaw pieces, so the user could drop the piece and it snap into place if it was close enough.


This masking procedure was applied to all the image slices in realtime, as the user chose a picture.

Additional Features:
We also built in the ability to ‘see’ the finished jigsaw – and optionally, allow the system to complete the jigsaw. This happened by animating the pieces into their correct positions.

Coding Environment

Developed using the Corona SDK. Using the LUA programming language. All code developed using a derivative of LUA developed by Corona.
BBEdit used as the IDE to enter the raw LUA code, with debugging feedback from Corona LUA environment via Mac OS X’s Terminal tool.

Artwork Creation

All artwork created using Adobe Illustrator CC. Artwork first sketched out, then drawn in high resolution ‘vector’ paths. Illustrator also used to create all the various Scenes, buttons and other graphical elements used within the App. This allowed for any item to be scaled to the correct size without any pixelation.

Raster Graphics

Artwork refined in Adobe Photoshop CC. All artwork generated at same size (@1x), and at @2x and @4x for higher density screens such as iPhone 5, 6 etc. All images converted to optimised PNG format, with a resolution of 72 dpi at there actual screen display size – to avoid any distortion.

In-App Animation setup

Throughout the App, and in the game the animation sequences were constructed using SPINE Animator. Once an animation sequence of individual sprites had been prepared, all data for the animation sequence was exported out as a JSON file and read into the Corona LUA environment with a realtime convertor.

Game Audio, Music, SFX, Voices

Audio narrative for the soundboards and various other speech related aspects of the app were supplied by the client. Cleaned and optimised to MP3 format for use.
SFX and Music was produced internally and applied to various aspects of the app. In particular the Game has various SFX and audio pieces – along with vocal narrative supplied by the client.


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