Drum Fun with Kieran Gaffney

Developed by Wayne Hawksworth
Released by HWH Inc.


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Product Description

App Store Description

With over over 10 Million Youtube views, Kieran Gaffney is one of Britain’s Got Talent most memorable and likeable ever contestants.

This app is the official Kieran Gaffney drum fun sensation and sponsored by Sabian cymbals.

Game: Can you defeat the rock n roll villain and get through the levels to become champion drummer. In the game you will have to hurdle drums and muscial equipment in order to defeat the evil guitar playing villain. You will also need to collect Sabian cymbals to accumulate points and hearts in order to stay alive and have the energy to complete the game.

Secret Game: By finding out what to tap, where and how many. You will unlock another secret game…. good luck!

3 different drum kits: You can bash away on these life like drum kits, creating your own unique sounds for as long as you wish. Stay tuned for our competition on the best drum sequence from the app.

Kieran drum tones: Kieran has specially drummed his heart out and produced some exclusive drum sequences for you to set as your ringtone or wake up call in the morning!

Kieran Mobile Zone: Kieran has also recorded his own voice and drums, where you can set these as your ringtone, wake up alarm and email notification (both for mac and pc).

Development Details

Developed for iOS – iPhone & iPad.

Developed for for Android – All arm6 – arm7 onwards devices.

Drum fun was initially specced up to be a ringtone style app, where by the end user could listen to a sound by Kieran Gaffney, then email it to themselves to install on their device.

After discussions with the client, we decided to add more features.
Multiple Drum Kits, a full Donkey Kong style game and some other ‘extras’ to keep the end user engaged.

App high level schematic


Application high-level view
Prior to all development we always create a high-level schematic flow of the app. This ensures ourselves and the clients know what ‘should’ be happening at key points within the app, and the screens to expect.

In App Game [Main] Kieran Drum Roll
The client wanted to recreate the 80’s classic Donkey Kong for the main game, but have it themed for Kieran Gaffney.

(Original 80’s classic – Donkey Kong)


The base layer for the game we created.
Following the layout of platforms, ladders, jumping, a hero and something to jump over. We came up with having an evil rockstar rolling drum kits down the level, as Kieran had to run along trying to get to the top to save his precious drum kit.


We then added all the screen sprites that interact with the player.


Some of the basic sprite animationsbasic anim

Coding Environment

Developed using the GameSalad Creator SDK. A visual GUI code editor with a RAD development cycle. Whilst a very basic tool, using the behaviours and rules system of GameSalad we are able to push it further than a simplistic Drag n Drop type tool.

Artwork Creation

All artwork created using Adobe Illustrator CC. Artwork first sketched out, then drawn in high resolution ‘vector’ paths. Illustrator also used to create all the various Scenes, buttons and other graphical elements used within the App. This allowed for any item to be scaled to the correct size without any pixelation.

Raster Graphics

Artwork refined in Adobe Photoshop CC. All artwork generated at same size (@1x), and at @2x and @4x for higher density screens such as iPhone 5, 6 etc. All images converted to optimised PNG format, with a resolution of 72 dpi at there actual screen display size – to avoid any distortion.

In-App Animation setup

Throughout the App, and in the game the animation sequences were constructed using separated PNG files for each of the animation states. Using the animation behaviours available within GameSalad to chain together different animation states.

Game Audio, Music, SFX, Voices

Audio narrative for the soundboards and various other speech related aspects of the app were supplied by the client. Cleaned and optimised to MP3 format for use.
SFX and Music was produced internally and applied to various aspects of the app. In particular the Game has various SFX and audio pieces – along with vocal narrative supplied by the client.


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