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Developed by Wayne Hawksworth
Released by HWH Inc.


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Product Description

App Store Description


Mrs. Brown’s Boys went straight to number one in the UK and Ireland dvd charts, BAFTA nominated for best situation comedy, with a sell out UK tour. You can now enjoy Mrs. Brown’s Boys App which contains:

Multiple Soundboards
All of Agnes Brown’s funniest phrases and quotes from the show

Want to talk like Mrs. Brown? Then use the translator to hear how! Also features the voice of Cathy, Mrs. Brown’s daughter.

Mobile Zone
All these Mrs Brown tones come free with the app! Completely personalise your iPhone with your very own:

  • Mrs Brown Ringtones
  • Mrs Brown Text Alert
  • Christmas Ringtone
  • Christmas Text alert

Panic Button
the panic button is to be used when someone is really starting to annoy you. You can decide if you want to be tolerant or NOT!

Jumpin’ Mammy (Game)
See what score you can reach as you jump to the clouds with Mrs. Brown’s game “Jumpin Mammy”. Mrs Brown will talk to you throughout the game, where you can gain extra points the higher you go and the more cups of tea you land on.

This application is packed with bundles of Mrs Brown brilliance, start enjoying today!

(c) All rights reserved to BOC Productions Limited 2011.
Licensed by Rocket Licensing Ltd.

Development Details

Developed for iOS – iPhone & iPad.

Developed for for Android – All arm6 – arm7 onwards devices.

The Official Mrs Browns Boys App.
The client wanted an app creating where by end users could enjoy listening to all the sayings from the main actor of the hit TV show.

To make it more engaging the ‘sound’ environments were split up into sections; Ringtones, translator, text alerts etc etc. We then implemented a clean interface, whereby the user would be presented with a handful of sounds and the option to slide the screen to see more.

Further, users could select certain sounds and email the audio files to themselves to set as ringtones on their devices.

DBI produced the original Version 1 of the app, back in 2013. This was coded in Objective-C in Xcode – using the Cocos2d SDK library. However, when we cam to renew the app for 2015 (with new sounds etc), it was decided to re-engineer the entire code base to LUA using the Corona SDK.

Whilst the app may appear ‘simple’, we wanted to try and add some elements to engage the user. Behind the scenes we implement some physics attributes, using Box2d, joints and rope actions. We then made it so the user could ‘swing’ around the logos on each of the screens.


Rope joints in action.

The client also wanted a mini in-app game for users to play. Back in 2013 we re-created the famous DOODLE JUMP game within the app and called it Mammy Jump. With simple tilt controls – simulating the original title.

Again, this was created using a physics environment, in which velocity base on the tilt direction of the users device would push our hero (mammy) in the right direction.

TV Adverts and Poster material
We also produced the TV advert promoting the app, along with various flyer and posters to promote the app. All artwork was produced in CMYK, using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop – with the finished results prepared for the printers as high resolution PDF documents.


Example of one of the posters produced.

Coding Environment

Developed using the Corona SDK. Using the LUA programming language. All code developed using a derivative of LUA developed by Corona.
BBEdit used as the IDE to enter the raw LUA code, with debugging feedback from Corona LUA environment via Mac OS X’s Terminal tool.

Artwork Creation

All artwork created using Adobe Illustrator CC. Artwork first sketched out, then drawn in high resolution ‘vector’ paths. Illustrator also used to create all the various Scenes, buttons and other graphical elements used within the App. This allowed for any item to be scaled to the correct size without any pixelation.

Raster Graphics

Artwork refined in Adobe Photoshop CC. All artwork generated at same size (@1x), and at @2x and @4x for higher density screens such as iPhone 5, 6 etc. All images converted to optimised PNG format, with a resolution of 72 dpi at there actual screen display size – to avoid any distortion.

In-App Animation setup

Throughout the App, and in the game the animation sequences were constructed using SPINE Animator. Once an animation sequence of individual sprites had been prepared, all data for the animation sequence was exported out as a JSON file and read into the Corona LUA environment with a realtime convertor.

Game Audio, Music, SFX, Voices

Audio narrative for the soundboards and various other speech related aspects of the app were supplied by the client. Cleaned and optimised to MP3 format for use.
SFX and Music was produced internally and applied to various aspects of the app. In particular the Game has various SFX and audio pieces – along with vocal narrative supplied by the client.


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