DBA Canvas

DBA Canvas

DBA Canvas

Wayne Hawksworth
Corona SDK


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Product Description

DBA Canvas

Build a complete iPad painting and drawing application using this Corona/Lua based template.

This template is setup for easy customisation, though some knowledge of Lua/Corona is required to create a fully customised version to work across different devices.

In the DBA Canvas, users can use their finger to paint and colour in the different design. You can select a new colour or brush thickness, or even change the density of the brush to create a sponge type paint effect.

We’ve added some extra-cool stuff to the template too, including saving your design to the photo album, and adding sounds & voice overs to your designs.

Spice up your next painting App with some puzzles, spot the differences and word-searches. The options and possibilities are endless with this template.

  • Sliding option to select canvas
  • Finger painting to the screen
  • Select colours, mix RGB, sliders and random palettes
  • Brush thickness options
  • Brush density
  • Record voice overs
  • Save images to photo album
  • Easy to customise

Example drawing canvases (the black and white base images) are Watermarked in this Template.

You may not re sell or host the assets.


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