Granny Dive

Granny Dive

Granny Dive

Wayne Hawksworth
Corona SDK


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Product Description

Granny Dive


GRANNY DIVE is a vertical scrolling, cliff dodging, base jumping template built around the Corona SDK. The download includes the full source code to the game, along with 36 demo levels and our level editor. We’ve kept the gameplay mechanics nice and simple too. Simply tap the LEFT or RIGHT hand side of the screen to move our hero around. Collect the coins and bonuses as you fall.

To spice things up we’ve created multiple obstacles for you to avoid on your way down, but to help out – we’ve also added a great ZOOM-IN and SLOW MOTION power up. Collect this and the game slows down.. Even the music slows down, giving you a chance to catch your breath.. It doesn’t last long though – so make it count, before the music speeds back up and you start falling even faster!.

To land our hero safely, you’ll need to tap her as she enters the PARACHUTE ZONE, do it right and she’ll deploy her panty-hose (you might want to add or use a parachute maybe?).. Get it right and she’ll glide down gracefully – leaving you to carefully land on the target base on the ground.. Get it wrong – OOPS! she’ll plummet to her death, break her neck and float up to heaven.

To help out your game developments further, we’ve even built a custom LEVEL EDITOR, which runs on your Apple Mac (X.7 and X.8) or PC (XP, Vista and Windows 7). Simply load or create NEW levels using the tool, and save the new levels back to the [Levels] folder within the source code. Creating dozens or hundreds of cunning levels couldn’t be easier. Quickly visualise your game and levels, click on the objects available and add them to the screen – make the levels longer or shorter, change the fall speed and the landing zones – it’s all customisable.

Watch the video in full below to see this amazing Corona template in action. We even go through the level editor – it couldn’t be simpler! You don’t even have to write a single line of code – though to give this template/game some variety you may want to add more features.

Template Features

  • Saving/Loading scores
  • Saving Highscore
  • iPhone 3, 4, and 5
  • Vertical Scrolling
  • Multiple Levels
  • Comes with 36 demo levels
  • Music / SFX Controls
  • Pause feature
  • Multiple Hazards
  • Multiple Collectables
  • Levels loaded from Tables
  • Instant scene loading
  • Instant level reset
  • Multiple animations

Level Editor Features

  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Desktop GUI to build levels
  • Save & Load levels
  • Instantly generates LUA Code
  • Add scene objects as required
  • Control the landing base
  • Parachute deploy position & Height
  • Add/remove ‘screens’ per levels
  • Simple controls
  • No coding required to edit levels
  • Lua code can be edited after
  • Build levels in minutes not hours!
  • Easily visualise your levels
  • Quickly test and edit (see video)

NOTE: Source code for the level editor is not supplied, only the compiled application to run is included.The LUA source code is supplied for you to edit.

Basic App schematic

Here’s the initial diagram we drew before beginning coding for this template.



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