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Create your own adventure, any way you want to!

Welcome to Story Land, a beautiful and unique living storybook full of fun for you and your kids to learn from and play in!

Children (and adults!) can create their own scenes and place ‘actors’ into them, from a huge cast of wonderfully drawn characters. Actors can be scaled, rotated and given different objects, and weather and backgrounds can be customised to suit your mood!

You can even choose from a wide range of music to suit the scene!

Once a scene has been created to your satisfaction, why not take a picture using the built in camera? This removes the interface and perfectly presents an image of the scene for your child!

Medieval knights vs. flying saucers in a snowstorm? You got it!
Dinosaurs eating cake in the Arctic? No problem!
A Witch falling in love with a troll in the library during a thunderstorm? Unlikely, but possible!

With over 300,000 possible combinations, the only limit is your imagination!

  • Over 320 charming, beautifully drawn, fully animated characters and objects!
  • Change everything, including backdrops, scenes, actors and objects! Even the weather and music!
  • Over 300,000 combinations possible!
  • Change everything! (Rain, Snow, Wind, Thunder, Leaves, Tornados etc)
  • Make any changes you want easily using the clean and simple interface, designed to be easy to use by children!
  • Scenes can be saved to the camera roll at the touch of an icon – allowing kids to create their own adventures!
  • Designed to spark and nurture your child’s imagination!
  • 12 full length music tracks to suit any mood!

Development Details

Developed for iOS – iPad.

Developed in: XCode

Development Language: Objective-C

SDK Engine: Cocos2d



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