GS Scene Merger

GS Scene Merger

GS Scene Merger

Wayne Hawksworth
Apple Mac OS X
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Product Description


The Scene Merger tool allows you to quickly merge multiple scenes together in your GameSalad Project.

Build complex HUD systems or joystick controls, then with a couple of clicks, merge the HUD scene over the top of (or under) all your other scenes you select.

Test out various layouts and schemes… Quickly change the MASTER scene, then re-apply to all the others, add more actors, move items around, then quickly apply to the DESTINATION scenes. With the GS Scene Merger tool, you will be able to create complex HUD layouts, without worrying how to apply the scene data to all your other scenes.


 GS Scene Merger Features:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Select a SOURCE scene
  • Select MULTIPLE destination scenes
  • Add to TOP or BOTTOM layers
  • Merges all scene actors, prototypes, instances, variables (actor, scene, instances, scene), and all inter-connected rules.
  • Rules based on scene instances updated.
  • Super fast scene merging operation.
  • Automatic online updates within the interface.

MAC ONLY: Requires an Intel Mac running OS X.6 or greater. Also, you must have the GameSalad Creator software.


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