GS Project Resizer

GS Project Resizer

GS Project Resizer

Wayne Hawksworth
Apple Mac OS X
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Product Description


Not optimised for the latest version of GameSalad

A revolutionary GameSalad production tool which enables a quick and seamless creation of the iPad, iPhone or Mac App Store size conversion at the click of a button!

GS Project Resizer takes your GameSalad projects and produces a NEW project based on the selected target size… At the click of a button!

GS Project Resizer Features:

Resize your project to / from:

  • iPad landscape / portrait
  • iPhone landscape / iPhone portrait
  • GameSalad.Com – 720p HD
  • New Mac App Store (1280 x 800)
  • Android target sizes
  • Intelligent resize for even sized objects
  • Revolutionary game development and repurposing
  • Every actor, scene, instance and prototype resized
  • Camera, tracking and regions all updated.
  • Includes the [Experimental] resolve option.
  • This option will also adjust every calculation, behaviour and attribute in your project to suit the new dimensions: Note: This option is experimental and should be used at your own risk.
  • Resizers primary function is to move and scale every actor on the scene.

MAC ONLY: Requires an Intel Mac running OS X.6 X.6.6 and X.7 compatible. Also, you must have the GameSalad Creator software.


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