Collision Editor

Collision Editor

Collision Editor

Wayne Hawksworth
Corona SDK
Apple Mac OS X


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Product Description

This tool is part of a much larger suite of tools we are developing for the Corona platform.

In the Collision Editor tool you can quickly build up your collision {maskBit} data, with the tool auto calculating the maskBit values for you. Additionally, as you select an object for collision, the tool auto selects and calculates the neighbouring related objects, ensuring your collision mask data is correct.

Once done, you can simply copy the generated LUA code to the clipboard, then paste it into your Corona project file for use with your Physics objects.

To Use:

  1. Enter a collision name.
  2. Check the checkboxes to collide.
  3. The tool calculates the maskBits.
  4. Copy paste the generated code into your Lua files.

MAC ONLY: Requires an Intel Mac running OS X



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