PNG Inspector Pro

PNG Inspector Pro

PNG Inspector Pro

Wayne Hawksworth
Apple Mac OS X
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Product Description

Resolve issues in your PNG images, apply watermarking and HD Scaling.

With the PNG Image Inspector tool, you will be able to quickly review all of your PNG files and fix any issues the tool may find. From resolving DPI issues to correcting odd sized PNG Files. This tool provides you with a quick and effective interface to fix your PNG Files.


  • Auto add/subtract pixels to your PNG files to avoid blurry images in iOS game development.
  • Force the resolution of your PNG files to 72 dpi.
  • Apply compression to your PNG files to save space.
  • Automatically adjust the bit depth, depending on masks, palettes and colour schemes.
  • Visually see potential issues in the interface.
  • Double click images in the list to open.
  • See a preview of your image and the mask extracted.
  • Zoom in/out to see your images closer.

MAC ONLY: Requires an Intel Mac running OS X


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