Arctic Runner

Arctic Runner

Arctic Runner

Wayne Hawksworth
Corona SDK


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Product Description

Arctic Runner

A template which demonstrates a 3D technique; with objects and actors getting larger as they come towards you. Recreate many forward running games like Space Harrier, Zombie Chase and Haunted Woods. This template shows you how to recreate this superb effect, simply and efficiently.

As the enemies and rocks etc move down the screen they appear to get bigger, simply tap the LEFT or RIGHT side of the screen to avoid the baddies. Collect as many fish as you can to increase your score.

  • Simple, clean code
  • Pseudo 3D effect
  • Hit zones based on Size
  • No Physics used
  • Simple Controls
  • Instant 3D game creation
  • Multiple Spawning into Arrays / and cleanup routines
  • Random generators for positions and fish etc
  • Art and music Included
  • Endless opportunities to create the next big hit

This template uses the NEW SPRITE SHEET API introduced in Corona 2012.894.


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