GS Particles Set 2

GS Particles Set 2

GS Particles Set 2

Wayne Hawksworth


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Product Description

GS Particles Set 2

A collection of 5 advanced particle and animation effects for the GameSalad Creator Tool.
This set includes Gun shots, smoke, blood, rain, space, lightning effects, heavy rain and water droplets on the screen. We’ve put the effects together in small mini-projectsto help visualise how you may use them in your projects.


01 Blood

  • Blood Splats
  • Smoke effect
  • Gun Flash
  • Scalable particles

02 Glock 9MM Gun

  • Gun Smoke
  • Bullet Shell spawns
  • Muzzle flash

03 Space/Hyperspeed

  • Multiple light streaks
  • Star clusters
  • Plasma clouds

04 Light Rain – 1

  • Light Rain effect
  • Puddle ripples

05 Heavy Rain – 2

  • Heavier Raining
  • Screen water droplets
  • Lightning Effects
  • Mist and atmospherics

All of the demo projects are for visual purposes only. The PARTICLE EFFECTS are the purpose of the templates – not the mechanics.

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