GS Project Attributes

GS Project Attributes

GS Project Attributes

Wayne Hawksworth
Apple Mac OS X
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Product Description


GameSalad Production tool which enables users to easily alter and adjust game attributes set within GameSalad.

GameSalad does not enable the dynamic reordering, and management of your game attributes, but with GS Project Attributes users can freely edit and reorder their Attributes.

GS Project Attributes Features:

  • Find / display all game attributes
  • Rename variable names
  • Re-order variables
  • Multiple select and reorder
  • Change game variable data
  • Analyse variable usage
  • Display usage in actors (Prototypes)
  • Display usage in scene actors (Instances)
  • Sort variables by TYPE, NAME, CONTENT
  • Find unused variables to clean your project.
  • Unused variables marked in Italics.
  • Includes data verification.
  • View game assets (images & Sounds)

Save the re-ordered data change variables to create a new project.


  • Fixed an issue with usage analysis reports.
  • Analysis code runs within separate thread.
MAC ONLY: Requires an Intel Mac running OS X.6 X.6.6 and X.7 compatible. Also, you must have the GameSalad Creator software.


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